Saturday, May 11, 2013

A long journey is nearly complete - A new journey is begining

Once again we have been reminded that God's ways are not our ways. The adventure of the surprising,serendipitous, plans God has in store has been unfolding before our eyes like the climactic twist in a page-turning novel. Let me explain a bit. 16 years ago, Judy and I were getting ready to make an exciting move from our long-time, loved home in Las Cruces, NM and our fulfilling jobs there to take up residence in Enumclaw, WA. I had been called to become Senior Pastor at Calvary Presbyterian Church and was set to begin on July 1. We had it all planned. Leave Las Cruces in mid-June, celebrate our 25th anniversary along the way and seeing family and friends. Before that could happen our journey took a detour via Memorial Medical Center in Las Cruces and Rio Vista Rehabilitation Hospital in El Paso, TX. The new direction that detour led us to is chronicled in a book that we have been working on for 16 years. Now retired, and Judy set to retire in June this year, we once again have been planning on a new destination in life's journey. We have purchased a house in the greater Phoenix area and had been planning on moving there in the fall. Because the housing market has been rebounding slowly, we decided to list our Enumclaw house in April in hopes that it would sell by the end of summer. Surprise again! We received a full-price offer for our home within hours of listing it and have to close in mid-June. So we are frantically trying to pack, sell, downsize, and prioritize - all while Judy is finishing out her school year and her long, fruitful career as a teacher at Southwood Elementary. In the meantime, on Thursday the 8th of May we were quietly marking the anniversary of the accident that so drastically changed our lives. Lo and behold, we received word that our book is set to go to press and will be available in bookstores and on line very soon. What a fitting way to mark the day. And once again, we were surprised but not stunned that God had orchestrated yet another turn of events to enhance the journey. Someone once said, "I don't know what the future holds but I know who holds the future." That is the reality we rest in while traveling the unexcpected but fantastic twists and turns that this journey entails. Maybe that is a bit like your life. If so, take heart and hang on. You are in for a wonderful trip. And, if you get a chance, look for "THROUGH STORMY WATERS: God's Peace in Life's Storms" It should be available soon at Amazon, Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Christian book stores and Barnes and Noble.

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