Saturday, July 28, 2012


"He is able to do far more than all we ask or think." A year ago another trip to Zambia seemed a remote possibility.. Tonight, hearts - though bone weary and emotionally drained - are amazed once again by the way the Lord choreographs his work in the world, For well over a year, pastors in this area near Lusaka have been praying for some kind of conference or seminar that would bring them all together. They serve communities where the needs are greater than we can possibly imagine and they work with few resources to not only preach the Gospel but take care of the flock under their care. For over a year, OC International, has prayed that God would open doors to come to Zambia to train and encourage pastors. Just over a month ago, a couple from Texas asked what they could do to help support this mission trip financially. In a whirling vortex of God's providential grace, these three divine impulses have come together. On Monday morning, Karl Teichert from OC International and I will lead a 2 day conference . Over 50 pastors have registered and more are expected. some are traveling great distances just to be together and to be fed. This is in no small part due to the sincere and sacrificial efforts of Pastor John Mpanga and his wife Thenny. The conference will be held in the small dirt floor church he pastors. There will be no electricity in the building and no running water. But a common faith and Spirit will unite us all in our sense of calliing as pastors. Here is another example of God astounding us and reminding us that we can make plans but it is the Lord who directs our steps. We are staying at the Lafe hotel. It is owned by the Duerwaarder family. The first two nights, a dignified woman came into the room where we were having our evening worship and debriefing. She heard of the work we are doing and she told her younger sister an aid de camp at the US Embassy. This powerful woman came and spoke with our group last night and was moved by the description of our passion for the children at HEALING PLACE. She said she wanted to come visit the school and promised she would take time out of h er schedule to come. She asked for directions but we gave her a phone number instead. Our diver didn't think it possible to find the school through the winding, congested streets of Kabanana/. We all assumed that, though a nice connection, nothing would come of it. At 1 o clock, a cab pulled up in the dusty field in front of the sole classroom building. And out steps this woman. She came just as she promised. After she had toured the school, talked further with our team, met the Mpangas and the teachers of the school, she was so moved that she would have benches for the classrooms sent right away. She also committed to helping employ 5 graduates from the school. the list of divine appointments continues to grow. And the children are the prize jewel of why we are hear. It was God's divine appointment that would provide for and send the 14 of us to this far land.. These children are a treasure yet over half the 320 students at the school have lost one or both of their parents. Their hope of having a better life is tied to a community that has safe water and a school that is preparing them to be leaders in Zambia, instead of forgotten, vulnerable children. We are honored to be here, to be used of God in this great divine plan. We have been blessed beyond words. And oh, in the mean time we have poured the foundation for the toilet block we will begin building and we have also dug and poured the foundation for a space that will double the classroom space the school now has. We have played with kids, helped repair the pump, helped in the classroom and so much more. It is amazing how much can be accomplished when we simply let God lead and direct us to his "DIVINE APPOINTMENTS."

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