Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Looking back

It hardly seems possible that 3 weeks ago we were in Lusaka Zambia. It's not like I have forgotten what an incredible experience it was. It's just that life has returned to such a busy, "normal" pace - whatever normal is.The first few days were spent trying to figure out what time zone I should observe (There is really strange TV on at 2:00 in the morning). The next few days were spent clearning off my desk, answering messages and trying to get my voice back.

It all culminated last week with a near 70 hour marathon full of meetings, appointments, services, calls and staff reviews. In some ways I didn't even have time to remember and reflect. Were it not for our team meeting where we shared pictures and recalled memories, Zambia would have been a long-distant memory,

The saving grace has been that the Lord has continued to thrust those memories and lessons learned back to the front of my heart and mind. First, I had emails from Chimwemwe, then Pastor Mpanga and Winnie. Then this weekend, we had a visit from missionary friends from South Africa. It afforded anoter opportunity to focus on the needs and people in Africa. Tuesday, Ken and Suzanne Popp from Village Steps sent pictures of the continuing progress of the work we started. Over the last few days, team mates have stopped in or called to talk about the trip and the people. Tomorrow, our team presents the program at our local Rotary Club.

Three weeks out and today, I decided I needed to take more time each day to pray for the people of Africa and to slow my life down just a bit. Today was a good day in that respect. When the power went out at the office, it was almost a sign for me to take a few minutes at a cool new coffee house in Buckley and a chance to blog a little. (By the way, Main Street Coffee has great Cappucinos).

Three weeks out and I have to remember that God is not finished with me yet. I continue to experience and learn more and more about the Lord and about myself. I am grateful for that. A verse in Philippians says, "the one who began a good work in you will complete it until the day of Christ Jesus." (Phil. 1:6) So I am slowing down, trying to be more patient with myself and taking advantage of opportunities for relationships.

That same verse applies to what we began in Zambia. Though we only got a well dug, foundation trenches dug and a footing poured, God is still at work and is using others to complete the work we began. I guess not everything depends on me. That is a great realization. I guess I'll have another cappucino then try not to hurry off to the next event.

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